Treatment of neurological disorders in SPA Velke Losiny

SPA Velke Losiny - Natural Therapy of Neurological Disorders

This spa is the old­est in Moravia, it existed already in 1562. Eighteen years later a Moravian specialist on healing water sources, Tomas Jordan from Klausenburg, described the spa Velke Losiny as a "queen among Moravian healing wa­ters". In 1592 Jan senior from Zerotins ordered the building of the first wooden bath house and bring here the sulphurous water from the swamps. Swampland around was dried out by the Zerotins. During the rule of the Zerotins the spa flourished especially in the 18th century. They had new spa buildings built, the woodland around the springs land­scaped into a park, and the wooden, later brick, Chapel of the Holy Cross constructed. As time passed financial problems came and the ancient dynasty of the Zerotins struggled with debts. They were forced to sell their es­tates and in 1802 they sold Velke Losiny. The estate was bought by the Lichtensteins. They, too, treated the spa nicely. As good busi­nessmen they realised that running a spa could be a profitable activity. In the1850s they added a new main building to the com­plex, Lazensky salon - it was adapted in 1877-1878 and it exists still today.

A shareholders company that owned the spa before the First World War had a grand sanatorium built in 1913. It was de­signed by a Vienese architect Castelliz. Grad­ually other new houses that replaced the old­er and unsuitable houses were built. This way also the capacity to treat and accom­modate greater numbers of patients expand­ed. By 1920 five houses had been built. The warm sulphurous springs were used for bathing, the cold for drinking. Part of the cur­ative treatment was also the mud baths. The development of the spa was not stalled even by the fire in 1930 that damaged all the houses. During the next two years they were rebuilt and running. During the Second World War the German established a home for mothers with children here. Since the war the spa serves its original purpose.

Spa Velke Losiny specialise in neurological illnesses in adults and children and locomotory and res­piration system problems in children. Treatments use the effects of the thermal water (36,8C) for physical exercise in a thermal swimming pool, underwater massages, whirlpools and bubble baths, sulphurous bath with wraps among others. The complex consists of bath houses Eliska, Bozena, Chaloupka, Knizeci, Sarka and a new bath house called Horinka. All is set in a beauti­ful spa park with rare trees, rhododendrons and azaleas, and an arbor above one of the sulphurous headsprings.


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