Natural treatment in Czech SPA Hodonin for Locomotory and Cilculatory disorders

The Top Secret of Natural SPA Hodonin

Gradually the extrac­tion of lignite, petroleum and natural gas was commenced and it was the petroleum engi­neer that pointed out that the water that was expelled during the mining contained un­usually high percentage of iodine. The physi­cians in Hodonin hospital started investiga­tions and attempted to use the new resource in treatment. They focused on war patients that suffered from serious bone damage and problems related the locomotory system - the results were more than encouraging. In the 1970s the water analysis was taken by the Balneological Research Institute in Marianske Lazne. Hodonin water helped thousands of patients - and on the basis of these results, came a recommendation to build a spa in Hodonin. The spa was festively opened 1st July 1979 as a part of the Luhacovice spa company. Skeptics believed that the small spa establishment would not exist long. De­spite the skepticism, the spa flourished, and in 1993 it gained its full independence. The natural healing resources are mineral water, gas and peloids. The main bore holes issu­ing iodine-bromine water with a high satu­ration of iodine salts and relatively low min­eralization are to be found in the nearby vil­lage of Luzice and were drilled in 1951. This water is numbered among the highest qual­ity mineral waters of its kind in Europe!

The main healing methods are iodine-bromine baths and wraps, classic and un­derwater reflexology massages, bubble and herbal baths, whirlpools, electrotherapy and magneto therapy, paraffin and peloid wraps, gas injections, and special physical education. The treatment in Hodonin Spa focuses on locomotory and cir­culatory problems, radicular syndrome.

Lives of many personalities are connected with the town of Hodonin. The first President of the Czechoslovak Republic, Tomas G. Masaryk was born here. The writer Gabriela Preissova spent a great part of her life here. The writer and journalist Ivan Olbracht worked here for the magazine "Slovacko". Hodonin was visited on a num­ber of occasions by the celebrated French sculptor August Rodin and the English histo­rian and publicist Seaton Watson.

The guests and the spa patients have many opportunities to enjoy their leisure time. An art gallery was opened here in 1913 on the initiative of an association of Moravian artists. The works of the founders of the gallery are the main part of the 20th century Czech art exhibition. Every two years there is an international exhibition of the Nativity and there. Adults as well as children direct their steps to the zoo, founded in 1975 the pride of which is marine aquarium with 22 000 litres with sharks, coral reefs and various marine fauna.


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