Teplice nad Becvou - place for healing

Add carbon dioxide and gas bathing, water therapy, electrotherapy, mineral water drinking, rehabilitation and diets, mix in a favourable climate, calmness of surrounding nature, shake well and here you have all that need for healing in Teplice above the Becva Spa.


SPA stay for cardiac disorders in Teplice Above the River Becva

After the war the Teplice Spa was opened again in 1946. Three years later the children' sanatorium Radost was built. After the failure of plans to build a dam on the River Becva, Teplice was declared a spa, in 1957.This started a new era in the development of the spa. The park was extended and in 1967 a new 90 metres long bridge across the river was built. The bath houses Janacek and Moravan were reconstructed in the 1980's.

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