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Apparent­ly he was the first to bathe there and so the spring is call Jan's Spring. It is, how­ever, more of a legend than a real story based on facts. It is much more probable that true discoverers of this spring were miners of the silver and gold mines in Rynhory. The first re­al mention of warm springs dates back to the 14lh century. A chapel was built by the springs and on the 8lh of July 1451 was sanc­tified by the papal ambassador Aeneas, who later became Pope Pius II (it is said he bathed in the healing waters) - the Pope who was an enemy of Hussite's Bohemia and opponent of the peace plan of King Jiri from Podebrady.

The beginnings of the spa date back to the 16th century, though the way healing water was used for healing was rather primitive. Nonetheless the spring in Teplice Svatojanska (as the little settlement was known then) was rapidly becoming known and to make use of the miraculous healing powers of water used to attract a pro­cession of pilgrims from Bohemia as well as the neighboring Silesia. The only available service was one pub providing the necessary refreshment. It was not until 1657, when Jan Adolf Schwarzenberg had several bath hous­es built and thus truly founded the spa. He also assigned doctor Hettmayer the task of writing a thesis about the spring. Ten year lat­er there were twenty two houses here, a mill and several inns. In 1867 Spa Janske Lazne became an independent municipality which bought up and managed the spa from the be­ginning of the 20 century. The spa was grow­ing fast and kept bringing everything up to date so it did not stay behind other spa cen­tres. The telecommunication centre was built, so was a huge water tank, electric street lighting and other modern achievements. New comfortable spa buildings, hotels and pensions were popping all over the valley. Janske Lazne was called Bohemian Hostyn by some.

Throughout the centuries many ailments and illnesses were healed here but for a long time there was no specialization. The change came in 1935. The first bath house devoted to the healing of child polio in Europe was open here, the example being the spa town of Warm Springs in the USA. It was discov­ered that the chemical composition of the American and the Bohemian springs are very similar. After the Second World War Janske Lazne and its success in healing polio reached a global fame. Patients from Czechoslovakia and from all over the world would travel here to regain their lost health. Later though, after the occurrence of polio di­minished, the spa focused on various other diagnoses and their treatment.

Krakonos is definitely keeping a watchful eye on this spa. We can see it if we notice the beautiful sculpture of him nearby the colonnade. It is the work of the stone ma­sonry school in Horice.


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