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However the hilly countryside with an abundance of game in deep forests was set­tled at a much earlier date. The first prehis­toric hunters carries here more than 30,000 years ago. The discovery of artifacts from this period on the south slope of Obora con­firms the existence of settlements in the late Stone Age. The permanent settlements did not come before the 8th and 9ih centuries. Ac­cording to documents from the 11th and 12th centuries, the land was owned by the Church and the population of this area was growing rapidly at that time.

In 1663 the country was invaded by Turks - according to chronicles 42 inhabitants of Luhacovice were killed, several villages were burnt down and a number of young men were kidnapped. The Turkish invasion was repeated in 1683.

The local mineral springs were known al­ready in the 16th century. The first important documented mention is in a book by Jan Fer­dinand Hertod from Todtenfeld in 1669. The estate owner Ondrej Serenyi had the spring waters tamed and by the end of the 17th cen­tury, two mills were built serving also as accommodation and in 1736 a chateau was al­so built. An important event in the history of Luhacovice was the listing in a renowned lexicon of spas in the Habsburg monarchy by the Viennese chemist Professor Crantzin 1777. In 1789 Vincenc Serenyi built a wood­en cabin bath and an inn by the spring and this signified the official beginning of Spa Luhacovice. In 1809 the first spa physician started to practice in Luhacovice and in 1850 the first colonnade was built. The Luhacovice Spa Company was founded by Dr. Frantisek Vesely in 1902.


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