Natural treatment in Iodine Czech Spa Resort Klimkovice

Magic Mineral Salt Water from Klimkovice

It is no use searching for old historical facts, and the interiors are not touched by the rulers of the middle Ages. It is a truly modern en­vironment with all its modern comforts and clear goal of the purpose that these buildings serve - the effects of the curative treatments are credible.

The basics for the treatments is the use of iodine-bromine water which is called "solanka" - salt water. The unique natural iodine mineral water contains 40 mg of iodine per liter on average. The springs were bored in Polanka above the Odra at the depth of 500 meters and water is led 11 kilometers to the sanatorium. Water has favourable effects on the human body - it sup­ports the nourishment of tissue, improves the function of the vascular system, sublimates and thus has a good influence on the air pas­sages as if we were staying at the seaside. Water has significant anti-inflammatory and heal­ing effects. Salt water accomplishes miracles -everyone who has undergone local healing baths in 37 °C warm water and the rehabili­tation program can witness to this.

The Spa Klimkovice treatments focus above all on neurological treatments, locomotors apparatus disorders, gynecological disorders and vascular system disorders in children. The spa complex has received many awards for its architectural design; pa­tients appreciate comfort and easy access to all treatments. The adult sanatorium offers the spa visitors a wide range of sporting ac­tivities including a rehabilitation swimming pool with warm water of 32°C. After morn­ing treatments it is open to the public. The public can enjoy the colonnade and can ac­cess the cinema hall. The children sanatori­um is fully easy-access. Children have a swimming pool, sauna, a hall and a spe­cial school at their disposal. There is a pos­sibility of accommodating children with par­ents (after the approval of a physician).

The spa complex is situated at the edge of the town. Klimkovice was founded by a Czech ruler in the 1320s and in 1 383 it was already being mentioned in written docu­ments as a town. In 1578-1579 a Renaissance chateau was built in the place of a former fortress. The chateau is surrounded by a park named in honour of the writer Petr Bezruc and in front of the chateau there is a memorial of Liberation by Zdenek Nemecek. The most valuable sight is the Gothic hospital Church of St. Katherine with presbytery dating to about 1400. By the church there is the Em­pire style octagonal central chapel of a Versailles type dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. In the chapel there is the tomb of the Vlcek, former owner of the Klimkovice estates. The cemetery Church of the Holy Trinity was built at the end of the 16th centu­ry. The nearby statue of St. Johann Nepomucky dates back to 1736. The sculptures of St. Sebestian and Virgin Mary were created in the 18th century. In the square the most of the 16 century archways were preserved as well as the 17th century hospital nearby. The local museum exhibits collections depicting the past and present of the town; one part of the exhibition is dedicated to the riv­er Odra valley.


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