There is a legend that the thermal spring Vridlo was discovered by King Charles IV.

There is a legend that the thermal spring Vridlo in the valley of the river Tepla was discovered by a hunting party of King Charles IV. While chasing a stag one of the king's dogs threw himself into the undergrowth after the prey and got burned by the hot spring water. It happened approximately in 1350 now considered the year of the foundation of Carlsbad.


Milestones of the Major Czech SPA City - Carlovy Vary

The healing waters from the springs in the valley of the River Tepla were used by people from time immemorial. It had the blessings of the enlightened ruler, king Charles IV. The question remained though, how the water was actually to be used. Was it better suited for bathing or for drinking? As time went by, the answers were searched for and they moved somewhere between the two extremes.

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