SPA Jesenik is known due to Mr. Priessnitz Treatment Methods

Vincent Priessnitz was born as the sixth child (the fifth son) of house owner Frantisek Priessnitz and Marie Tereza, born Kappelova in the little settlement of Grafenberk. The settlement was founded in the middle of the 18ih century in the mountains about half an hour from Fryvaldov (Jesenik). Three of his brothers died in an early age.


Jesenik SPA- the place where water therapy was born

The Jesenik Spa can be found in a beautiful spot on the slopes of the eastern ­most foothills of the Rychlebske Mountains. It was founded by a farmer Vincenz Priessnitz (1799-1851), a man who managed to raise his method of water therapy to a level of successful health treatment despite the distrust and attacks from envious physicians.

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