Natural treatment in Czech SPA Healthcenter Jachymov

SPA Changes Jachymov

The spa quarters were growing nearby the uranium colour factory. Among many visi­tors we could find names like Friml, Strauss, Nedbal, Shalyapin, Svabinsky. "Radium" came to the forefront of advertising the spa. The lo­cal brewery was producing "Radium Beer". Before the Second World War Jachymov was the centre of a region with the majority of German population. Though in 1938 the Czech minority had to leave Jachymov, the remaining German inhabitants did not have an easy life here. Radium Palace became a branch of a Berlin hospital, the bath hous­es were changed into military hospitals and at the end of the war the "death marches" passed by the town.

After the war, the German inhabitants had to leave and the Czech minority returned to their homes. The first atom bomb explosion In far away Japan meant, of course, a new di­rection in mining uranium. Soon after No­vember 1945 the Czech and Soviet govern­ments signed an agreement on mining and selling this strategically important raw mate­rial. While in 1946 the three Jachymov mines employed about 300 workers, within several years the number grew to tens of thousands. The wages were very good and they attract­ed many miners to come here to work, but in the 1950s, out of forty thousand employ­ees, more than a third were political prison­ers. They lived in camps surrounded by the barb wired fences. It was forbidden to enter the closely observed area and everything was adjusted to the needs of the uranium mines.

Some of the prisoners died, those who even­tually left usually had permanent injuries. The name "Jachymov's hell" says it all... Spa and the healing was not in the forefront anymore. The pensions and hotels were at the disposal of the state security units. It was not until 1956 when the town was taken out of the list of border areas and the process of spa life renewal began, in the early 1960s the inconsiderate plundering of mineral re­sources was over too. In 1966 the foundation-of-the-spa anniversary was celebrated -Mr. Slik, the descendant of the founders of the town, was among the guests. New bath houses were open - in 1975 the Behounek Bath House, in 1992 the Curie Bath House. The traces of many sad years that caused so much devastation are gone and Jachymov is once again a pleasant and sought after spa town with guests arriving from all over the world.

Today the spa healthcenter offers various kinds of treatments - these include, above all, locomotors apparatus disorders, peripheral nerv­ous system disorders, metabolic disorders and osteoporosis. The healing therapies in­clude balneology (radon baths, radon gal­vanic baths, baths with various ingredients), rehabilitation, physics therapy (electrothera­py, magnetic field therapy, ultrasound, laser therapy, etc.) massages, water therapy, spe­cialised therapies (radium therapy, ra­diotherapy) and others, e.g. dry carbon diox­ide bath, acupuncture, oxygen therapy etc. The water wells up from the former silver mine from a depth of 500 meters.


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