Radon Treatment was applied in Jachymov SPA at the first time

Mines and baths - these are the two main and closely related aspects of a town lying in a deep valley of the south slopes of Krusne hory. The first settlers came here sometime in the 14th century, but the local mineral resources were used up already in the 2nd century B.C. The tin deposits for production of bronze were utilized.


Natural treatment in Czech SPA Healthcenter Jachymov

Since the beginnings of Jachymov spa patients from all over the world came for healing - many of them returned regularly. The records tell us about a patient who came to stay fifty times! Throughout the years there have been many changes in Jachymov. In 1911 a water therapy institute was built and a year later one of the most modern spa hotels of its time Radium Palace was opened. The shareholders company that was constructing the most modern spa healthcenter was led by the Count Sylva Taroucca.

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