Frantiskovy Lazne - healing SPA destination

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Frantiskovy Lazne mineral waters are alkaline, salty and saturated with carbon dioxide. The oldest spring is the Frantisek Spring, known already in the 14 cen­tury and properly documented in 1793. The most significant are the Glauber's Springs number I, II, III and IV. The last one wells up from the depth of  93 meters below ground and has the highest content of Glauber salt in the world. The waters from the Glauber's Springs are strong laxatives. Church Spring water has properties for healing mild digestive prob­lems and is used for bathing too. Spring wa­ter most saturated with iron is Ferrous Spring - therefore it is used for healing tiredness, exhaustion and anaemia. New Spring has similar uses. The Carterielli Spring is used for mineral wa­ter bathing. And the Palliardi Spring water tastes delicious - it is also called the spring of youth or spring of love. It is said to be re­turning to the ones that drink it the freshness of life and strengthening all the bodily func­tions. Right by this spring an ancient settle­ment from 3000 to 4000 years B.C. was dis­covered. The archaeologists found the re­mains of wooden poles, instruments made from bones, wood artefacts, etc. The main source for the bathing is the spring D 14. The Salt Spring is also highly saturated with salts and is recommended for healing of gout and bronchitis, etc. Meadow Spring is good for treating gallbladder dis­orders. The bust of Dr. Adler informs us that we arrived at the Adler's Spring, one of the most important ones and very highly satu­rated with carbon dioxide. Carbonized wa­ter for bathing is also collected from Luisa and Cold springs. Sun Spring belongs to the group of Glauber's Springs but contains a smaller amount of salt. Exceptionally valuable is the Natalie Spring water. It provides very good results in healing problems of the digestive track, kidneys, urinary system etc. Not far away from there is a spring with similar prop­erties called Stepanka. It is also quite deli­cious - it is collected and bottled under the trade name Steffany. The spring was named after Princess Stephanie on the occasion of her engagement to Prince Rudolph.

Frantiskovy Lazne offers a wide range of healing therapies. The main treatments focus on gynaecology problems (in adults and chil­dren), sterility, heart and blood vessels dis­orders, locomotory apparatus disorders and also on ontological problems.

The pleasant surroundings and a very good reputation connected with the high success rate in healing - all this brought many inter­esting personalities to this spa town. In year 1835 the Emperor Ferdinand I. with his wife Marie Anna Karolina came to visit the springs. In 1812 Ludwing van Beethoven stayed here and in 1884 was the year of the first of many visits by another fa­mous composer Johann Strauss. Johann Wolfgang Goethe used stay here, or at least stopped here on his travels, at least thirty three times. The German writer Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach came for treatments as well as did Bozena Nemcova, an outstanding Czech writer.


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