Physical rehabilitation in helthcenter Darkov

Mineral Water from Darkov – Curative Effect Better than Red Sea!

The first visit to Karvina is usually a great surprise. Often people imagine only factories and housing estates. On the contrary, the es­tablishment of an urban conservation area had its reasons. The chateau, park, the square with a classicist town hall with a Renaissance tower from the 16th century, the Gothic Church of Raising of the Holy Cross dating from the 14th, Baroque sculptures, the clas­sicist Church of St. Marek, lovely houses with Gothic and Renaissance elements - all this adds to the beautiful appearance of the town. The historical centre of Frystat is well kept and tidy.

The spa healthcenter in Darkov and rehabili­tation sanatorium have a very pleasant atmosphere. The healing mineral water springs here were discovered during geological explorations in the Ostrava-Karvina region in 1862. The rich source was studied and the first spa season opened in 1867. The owner of the land had the so-called Old Spa built, later Jindrich's Courtyard and a spa restaurant. The fame of the spa spread fast and the wa­ter here was called the gift from the ground. The local spring is apparently the strongest in Europe. The golden age of the spa came in 1895 to 1905 when it was owned by the Larisch-Monnichs family. The buildings with accommodation were built, a spa park, con­nected to the Frystat Chateau Park, was founded and decorated by sculptures and er­ratic boulders. In 1920s the iodine salt was produced here-about 30 000 kilograms per year. The evaporated salt with iodine started to be added to baths.

In 1931 the first modern health center was built and thus the Spa Darkov complex com­pleted. During the Second World War (as well as during the First World War) the spa changed into a field army hospital. The min­ing put the existence of the spa in danger. So in 1976, 1980 and 1989 seven deep sources were bored on the other side of the town and by them, in Karvina-Hranice, a rehabilitation sanatorium was built. After 1989 when the mining activities were gradually diminishing, the spa buildings were adapted and mod­ernised. The culture and social centre, the work of a Vienese architect, Korn, from 1900, is one of them. The separate building of the children sanatorium is placed in the middle of the beautiful spa park.

The spa health center specialises in treating locomotors system diseases, posttraumatic and postop­erative states of the locomotors system, burns, neurological disorders, circulatory diseases and skin diseases.

Treatments are based on iodine-bromine saltwater. It is natural strongly mineralised sodium chloride-iodine-bromine water with an increased content of barium and stron­tium ions. The water is cold and hypertonic. It originates in the Tertiary sea and the analy­sis of the water is more then favourable. While Red Sea, rich in minerals, contains 42 grams per liter (Mediterranean Sea 38 grams, Black Sea 19grams, etc.) the Darkov salt wa­ter contains 54 grams!


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