Teplice SPA - meeting place in the middle of Europe

There used to be a time, when Teplice spa changed into one large...salon, where visitors from all over Europe would meet. The elite of society - members of ruling dynasties and outstanding personalities of art and science would come to stay here. In 1712 the Russian Tsar Peter the Great visited the spa. In the! 800s, during the Napoleonic wars, the anti Napoleonic coalition would meet here and in 1813 the chateau changed into the headquarters of the Alliance Army and in the house By The Golden Cross the Russian, Austrian and Prussian rulers got together to plan the strategy of further movements against Napoleon.


Teplice SPA - well established spa with traditions

The spa town in the north of Bohemia reached its peak in the 19th century. It was then people started to call Teplice a J it-tie Paris' or the parlor of Europe. It was fashionable for the members of high society to come and stay here. The list of famous and significant people that came here to use the warm mineral springs would be endless.There were many legends and discoveries connected to this place - and no wonder: Teplice is the oldest spa in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest in Europe.

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