Healing mineral water Vincentka is from Czech SPA Luhacovice

In his work on spas Jan Hertod devoted 65 fines to Luhacovice's "salt waters". According to his theory the body stores pollutants, which it is possible to get rid of - this water is a good means of doing so. So the owner of the estate, Ondrej Serenyi, adap­ed the area around the spring Amandka and later also the richer and saltier Vincentka.


SPA Luhacovice - the Top SPA site in Moravia

In the southeast corner of the Vizovicke Hills in a picturesque and deep valley of the Luhacovice Brook (Stavnice) lies the largest Moravian spa Luhacovice. Surrounded by greenery and rolling hills, with buildings carrying a signature of the architect Dusan Jurkovic it is an urban conservation, this superb example is rightfully called "the Pearl of Moravia". Luhacovice, a village on the Svetlov estate, was first mentioned back in 1412.

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