SPA stay for cardiac disorders in Teplice Above the River Becva

Treatment for Cardiacs in SPA Teplice Above the River Becva

The political changes in 1989 resulted in a new chapter in the history of the spa. After the first wave of privatization had ended a shareholders company Spa Teplice above the Becva was founded. The water from the springs is fed directly to the bathtubs. Be­cause it has an almost ideal temperature it is only necessary to increase the temperature of the water by a few degrees. Special gas bathing facilities are available for cardiac pa­tients. Almost all modern treatments for cardiacs are available. The mineral waters are also for drinking - and why not, since they are re­freshing and give a boost of energy. Cardiac and blood circulation problems are treated here, together with problems relating to the locomotory system and metabolic disorders, and allergy and skin problems with children and adolescents. The spa has ten buildings available for the accommodation of spa vis­itors. The most luxurious services are offered by the Moravan Bath House, during the last reconstruction of which, a rehabilitation swimming pool was added. However all the bath houses offer a high standard of accom­modation? The main spa building, with a promenade, is situated on an embankment near the chapel of St. Peregrine. Marks on the walls witness the level of the flood waters dur­ing the catastrophic floods of 1997. Most of the spa buildings date from the 20th century, some of which are typical examples of functionalism.

The goal of the stay in the SPA is not only the healing of the body, for example cardiac disorders, but also the healing of the spirit. In this spa great emphasis is placed on physical activity and relaxation. The spa park is an ideal place to visit for a short walk and to clear one's head. The park was de­veloped in the course of the 19lh century and it covers both the banks of the river. The old­est part of the park is around the Moravan Sanatorium. It is interesting from the dendrological point of view: there are 55 differ­ent kinds of fir trees and 73 kinds of decidu­ous trees. Walks in the park are educative since the trees bear informative descriptions. The park is also adorned by statues sculpted in sandstone, laminates, bronze and tin attribute to the eternal beauty of woman. The rich cultural and social programme includes regular Sunday proms, an annual musical festival Novak's Teplice. Visitors have at their disposal a library, a reading room, a social centre and of course a restaurant, a bar and a cafe. Sports lovers can hire a tennis court, mini-golf, a bicycle or a horse.


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